Welcome To Adulthood!

Allissa and Thomas share their stories about the ups, downs and in-betweens of being in love and lost in life.

The Story Behind this podcast.

Allissa and Thomas draw inspiration for their episodes from combined over ten years of experience in overthinking their jobs, love and life in general. So they thought, why not make this accumulated knowledge public property?

our latest episode

Meet Your Hosts

feeling lost and confused and in need of an outlet to exteriorize her inner thoughts, allissa convinced thomas to create this podcast and share their extensive overthinking sessions and darkest secrets.

other than that, she is quite funny despite being a law school graduate.


also a law school graduate, thomas started working in one of switzerland’s biggest corporate law firms before finally putting an end to his seemingly endless quest to find work that he is truly passionate about. when not planning, recording or editing your (hopefully) favorite podcast, thomas is often seen with a drone and a camera.